Case Studies

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre
SOS call for custom curved glass

Ian Thorpe Aquatic CentreThe ceiling of the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, 12 metres above the pool, is made from contoured curved glass, and was imported from China. We received an emergency call because broken glass was about to fall from the ceiling into the olympic pool, causing a huge potential safety issue and the risk of needing to drain the whole pool.


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This job had a number of challenges:

  • massive height issues
  • finding the cause of the problem
  • keeping swimmers safe, as only one lane could be closed during repair
  • sourcing replacement curved glass.

Our scaffolding team built the scaffold in the pool so that it didn’t have to drained, and then built a working platform out from the pool side to the scaffolding so we didn’t have to get wet!

Next, we measured every dip and curve of the glass to ensure accuracy in the replacement glass order.

The glass would have to be manufactured in China, and would take up to six weeks to arrive, so getting it right was critical and we couldn’t simply rely on the original plans.

Our team had the ingenuity to solve these problems and drew on the support of our expert business partners.

Thanks to our ability to accurately source and replace the glass product, without having to close more than one swimming lane at any time, this client continues to call us back for other work.

Sydney Airport Tower
Fast track repair averts aviation risk

sydney airport towerWhen a cleaner accidently drove their cherry picker bucket through the control tower windows at Sydney Airport, they called NGS immediately. The loss of visibility caused by broken windows is a high risk for air traffic control, so we had to act fast. Plus, the finish had to be seamless for ongoing safety as it’s essential that operators are not distracted by different panel colours of glass while giving instruction to landing aircraft.


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The tower windows are made from special reflective glass, which we sourced quickly from one of our supply partners, Viridian. The normal supply time for this sort of glass would be up to three weeks, but we had the job done in two days thanks to our strong working relationship with this supplier.

While we were waiting for the new glass to be express shipped, we secured the site so that the tower could operate normally. It was fully functional again within a matter of days, which of course was a great relief to Sydney Airport and its passengers.

They were impressed by the fast turnaround, and the way we matched the colour and type of glass with a seamless finish. This was definitely a case where our fast response and attention to detail proved to be invaluable.

Taronga Zoo
Protecting the seals, and the public, with safer glass

There was a small leak in the seals’ main enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, a large glass paneled pool with public viewing. The Zoo asked NGS to seal the leak with silicone, but when we arrived onsite we discovered the problems were more complex.


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Our qualified glaziers asked detailed questions and looked at photos from when the pool’s initial installation. We determined the original job had never been finished off properly and the pool was missing concrete primer and waterproofing agent. So the leak was between the sub frame, concrete cob and the glass – not something a squirt of silicone could fix.

Once the extent of the problem was uncovered, our client was naturally very concerned. We brought in our engineering expert to explain the original installation issues – the glass was not thick enough for the pool, and didn’t conform to standards.

We then resolved the issue by replacing the glass.
This was a long term solution to make the pool safe, keep the seals happy with plenty of water, and create a better viewing area for the public.

Taronga Zoo was impressed that we didn’t just fix the leak - we looked deeper to find the root of the problem and the greater risk due to previous poor workmanship.