Treatments & Glass types

Tinted glass

For privacy, colour, energy efficiency or protection from the sun, we have a wide range of options for glass tinting, frosting and glazing.

Anti graffiti glass film

Protect your glass surfaces from unsightly graffiti with our anti graffiti surface film, and save thousands of dollars in potential replacement costs – including windows, mirrors and lift interiors.

Glass panels, splashbacks & mirrors

Create unique features with glass panels, splashbacks and mirrors, including glass and mirror splashbacks for the kitchen, bathroom, showroom displays, or work areas. Splashbacks and panels make a modern design statement, and can be customised with your own designs and colours. Make your rooms look larger and brighter with large mirrors and decorative glass.

Double Glazing

Double glazing gives you an extra layer of protection from sun, cold, wind and noise, as well as additional security.

Double glazing can be fitted to aluminium and timber doors and windows to minimise heat loss in winter, and keep out the heat in summer. 
Single glazing can also be installed in less energy sensitive areas in the same building, to give you a more cost effective solution. 

In noisy locations, laminated glass uses an insulating interlayer to reduce noise, without the need for thick or heavy glass.

NGS is a proud supplier of Viridian glass systems, ideal for both commercial and residential properties.